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Best Rated Safety Apps!!

  • SafeTrek
    When creepy guy is in the parking lot, just open this app and keep your thumb on the button. When you remove your thumb, you have 10 seconds to put in your 4-digit code. If you don’t put in your code, authorities are notified of your location and information.
  • Stay Safe
    This app lets you set up a network of emergency contacts. If you go for a run or head to an open house or something, you check in and add a time frame. After the time elapses, you need to check out, or messages will be sent to your contacts.
  • bSafe
    This may be the best reviewed option with the most features. bSafe offers SOS alarms as well as practical features such as fake calls to help you get out of a bad date.

September is REALTOR® Safety Month!  (but we need to be safe throughout the entire year)

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